Live Streaming

Microphone ImageWe offer full live streaming capabilities for your event. Multi-camera HD video and audio, onsite mixing and live playout streamed from your website or ours all using our custom built iPiece streaming hardware and experienced operators. 

We work closely with our clients to create Pre Production content (Videos, Titles, Sponsor Advertising, TVC's etc) to make sure the livestream not only goes smoothly, but looks professional to your end viewers. Our live production team have a great deal of experience working with different types of events including action sports like BMX, and live music festivals.

We capture all our productions in High Quality High Definition Video, and can deliver the final Switched Program feed in HD as well as all individual camera (ISO) feeds for later repurposing and editing. Post Production services include editing (highlight reels, archive) DVD production and edits for Social Media outlets.

Live Streaming analytics are also provided to all clients to review exactly who, what, when and where their audience were engaged with the production - extremely useful for future event planning.


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